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Bob Kapci Partner Square One Construction


PARTNER | 602-620-1201 |

Bob's roots are in northern California where he was born and raised in the Bay Area.  After graduating from the University of California, Bob soon found his way into the world of construction where he eventually became the Executive Vice President of Operations for the largest commercial roofing company in the U.S.  This job was the vehicle that brought he and his family to Arizona.  In 1997, Bob found his real passion in building and selling homes.  Over the next twelve years, his companies built over 500 homes in the Scottsdale / Phoenix market including a number of custom homes in DC Ranch and Silverleaf.  More recently, he has been building in-fill projects in Downtown Phoenix.  With the new trends in interior design, custom renovation work has caught his eye.  "Your home's design and finishes say a lot about who you are.  Our company wants to provide you with the resources to tell your story."

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PARTNER | 602-329-5724 |

Bill began his career in the early 70's in Colorado.  His first five years were spent learning the business side of construction, and then he started his own company doing a variety of projects.  In 1986, he moved to Connecticut where he spent 10 years building a highly respected and very successful renovation business.  One can only imagine the challenges of renovating homes that were often over 100 years old!  After the passing of his mother in 1996, Bill felt it necessary to be near his father here in Arizona.  He came out here and went to work with a small builder, and soon became the lead superintendent for their custom home division.  He built homes in a number of high-end communities including DC Ranch, Silverleaf, Eagles Nest and Chaparral Pines.  Now Bill says, "Renovation has always been my favorite part of the building business and now I am doing what I do best."

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